Andrew R. Thomas' books have sold widely around the world, been translated into more than a dozen languages, been short-listed for several literary prizes, and won several awards.. A successful entrepreneur, he has traveled to and conducted business in more than 120 countries on all seven continents. Andrew is contributing editor to Industry Week; and, is Founding-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Transportation Security. He is a regularly featured commentator for media outlets such as FOX NEWS, CNBC, BBC, and the Wall Street Journal.

He is Associate Professor of Marketing & International Business at the University of Akron.

In his various books he has argued that:

Companies that violate "The 10% Rule" put themselves in a dangerous situation. (The Customer Trap)

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Channel Data Management and the Customer Trap: CEO BIZ World

The rise of the Mega-Customer over the past 25 years has corrupted most business practice and shifted power away from those who innovate to those who sell (The Distribution Trap)
**Winner of the 2010 Berry-American Marketing Association Prize for Best Marketing Book of the Year

The best way to build long-term, sustainable customer relationships is through the implementation of a direct marketing strategy (Direct Marketing in Action)
*Finalist for the 2008 Berry-American Marketing Association Prize for Best Marketing Book of the Year

Female-owned businesses are transforming their communities and the world (The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs)

Securing the supply chain requires balancing political concerns with the needs of globalized firms (Global Supply Chain Security)

It is inevitable that all of humankind will become economically integrated (Global Manifest Destiny)

Despite all of its flaws - and there are many- the airline industry is poised for a long period of sustained stability (Soft Landing)

Time passes, things change; and, the only way to leverage this reality is by becoming a change agent (Change or Die!)

Accountability is much more a verb than it is a noun (Managing by Accountability)

Effective leaders are not born. Instead, they develop five traits to successfully lead (Defining the Really Great Boss)

America's moon missions ended ignobly in a Saturn V rocket that was left rotting in the Florida sun for more than 20 years, until it was resurrected in 1995 (The Final Journey of the Saturn V)

Disruptive passengers continue to pose a real threat to the safety of the flying public (Air Rage)

The real story of the 9/11 attacks was a system that was set-up to fail (Aviation Insecurity)

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